Ouest France Recipe


Dessert : roasted Pineapple, Spiced biscuit and Madagascar vanilla cream

By Gwendal Tanazacq chef in the Restaurant de la Vallée, Dinard

Not easy to find ideas for the New Year. Two chef from St Malo and one from Dinard propose you a starter, a main course, and a dessert. For the least inspired, they also sell their dishes.


Fresh pineapple; cloves; slightly salted butter; brown sugar (180 g); oranges ( two ); flour (115 g); cinnamon (1/4 spoon coffee); four spices (1/4 spoon coffee); an egg (beat it and keep only a third); baking powder (2 g); 50 cl of whole single cream; a vanilla pod of Madagascar (even a little of aroma if it's not enough perfumed); a half-gelatin sheet.



Cut the pineapple in quarters in the length, and prick it of cloves. Make return in a fair sparkling butter and add 100 g of sugar. Reserve. Keep the juice of cooking and make it rise during 2 minutes. Deglaze with the orange juice. Reduce into a syrup. Put outside the fire, add 50 g of butter. Reserve.

For the dough spiced biscuit, mix : 115 g of flour, 80 g of brown sugar, 80 g of slightly-salted soft butter, the cinnamon, four spices and the egg. Add the baking powder and mix again. Keep on the fridge during 12 hours.

Spread the dough (thickness: 5 millimeters). With the knife, cut  rectangles of 2 cm on 10 cm . Place them on a baking tray. Put in the oven 10 minutes in 180-200 °C (th 6-7), then let cool.

For the whipped cream: boil the cream and the whole and scratched vanilla pod. Add a half-gelatin sheet (having softened it in the cold water). Place the whole on the fridge during a half an hour. Make the whipped cream.



In a plate, place a quarter of warm pineapple, a rectangle of dough spiced biscuit above, and finally, the whipped cream in quenelle (or with a piping bag). Make zigzag on the pastry with the warm syrupy juice. Decorate with the cleared pineapple' leaves  (10 seconds in boiling water then in ice-cold water).

Hôtel pub and restaurant de la Vallée, 6, avenue George V. Dinard. Places for diner still available for december 31st (menu : €105 exept drinks) Homemade foie gras to take away (€130/kg) Phone. 02 99 46 94 00