Le chef

The chef and his team

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared by our Breton chef Gwendal Tanazacq, who hails from St. Quay Portrieux, with a daily selection of local, seasonal dishes on offer, including the following: 

- Stir-fried Scallops from the Emerald Coast served with Linguini and Matcha (from October to April)

- Grilled Abalone with Guérande Sea Salt (not available in July and August)

- Squid and Flat-leaf Parsley Risotto with a Shellfish Creme

- St. Malo Bay Spider Crab Pie with Buckwheat and Lemon

- Grilled Guilvinec Langoustines with Lemon Oil

- Nougatine and Raspberry Crunch.

- Breton Shortbread Biscuit with a Baked Strawberry and Cottage Cheese Ice Cream.

These are just a few of chef Gwendal Tanazacq's creations.His colourful career and impressive references from several Breton establishments make his a beautifully mature style of cuisine designed to appeal to all the senses.

His cuisine his sophisticated and is based on one simple rule, namely that all ingredients used are fresh, local, produced in Brittany and seasonal for a real mixture of flavours that is sure to delight the taste buds.